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September 25, 2022

I am presently rereading Elizabeth the Queen by Sally Bedell Smith, and it's a wonderful
account of the late Queen's life. I would certainly recommend it to everyone! It is very in depth, with
access to many never-before-seen letters and all, though unfortunately, it only goes up to the Diamond
Jubilee in 2012, so there's ten years of life that aren't covered, but oh well. Anyways, it's still hitting
me that there is a King now, and not a Queen, or at least not a Queen regnant. It'll probably still take
a while to actually have it sink in. It's still weird to think that there shall be a King's Speech at
Christmas, as well, and not a Queen's Speech. But I am certainly comforted in these times by the great
continuity of the monarchy, which has, for over a millenium, gone more-or-less unintruded on, besides
those few times when there were wars of succession. I hope and am confident that the King and the Queen
Consort will continue to provide comfort and continuity to their peoples the world over for many years
to come.

September 21, 2022

Update: Her Majesty the Queen has officially been buried alongside her beloved husband the Duke of Edinburgh
in the George VI Memorial Chapel at Windsor. Also buried there are her beloved parents George VI and
the Queen Mother, who similarly led valiant, praise-worthy lives dedicated to the service of their peoples,
and the Queen's younger sister Princess Margaret, a devoted member of the Royal Family. Now, all of "We Four",
as they called themselves, as well as Prince Philip, are reunited together in the afterlife. I hope and
pray that the King will follow the example set by his mother and grandfather, and so many other members
before them. God save the King.

September 19, 2022

Her Majesty the Queen's soul has been committed into the Almighty hands of God. The committal
service was beautiful, and I got choked up during God Save The King. Today, with the funeral, Her Late
Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has slipped into the pages of history. I am proud and glad that I have been
able to witness at least a portion of her reign, and that I can call myself a New Elizabethan. I pray
that our new King's reign may be as blessed and glorious as that of his beloved mother. There will be
a private burial ceremony this afternoon, where Queen Elizabeth II will be interred along with her
beloved husband, the Duke of Edinburgh, at the George VI Memorial Chapel, where her parents,
King George VI and the Queen Mother, and the ashes of her sister Princess Margaret, already rest.
May her memory be a blessing to all of her former subjects, may God have reunited her with her
late husband in Heaven, and may God save King Charles III.

Update: Her Majesty the Queen's funeral procession is arriving now at Windsor Castle. Among guests attending
the upcoming committal service at Windsor are many politicians, including both current and former prime
ministers of all her realms, and many others, including Queen Margarethe II of Denmark, with whom our
Queen shared a great friendship and mutual admiration. I shall update here as the funeral commemorations
go on.

Update: Today is the day of Her Majesty the Queen's State Funeral. It started a little before I woke
up (timezones), so I'll start watching it soon and update you all as the day goes on. God rest our

September 18, 2022

Update: Today is the last day of mourning before the funeral tomorrow morning. In the past few days
of Her Majesty the Queen's Lying in State, we've seen the Princes' Vigil (the Queen's children), as well
a vigil led by her grandchildren. We have also seen many thousands of people pay their respects to our
beloved Queen, including famous footballer and husband of Posh Spice David Beckham, who said that "it's a
sad day but a day to remember the incredible legacy she left". His words are definitely touching and true!
I also found this poem on-line that I'd like to share with you all, written by a British primary school
student. This is probably my favourite tribute so far to the Queen, and genuinely made me cry. God rest the
Queen and God save the King.

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